The Republican Coalition, Inc. was established as a parent organization for state and local affiliated organizations of likeminded Republicans that want to focus on conservative policy initiatives.  It was started after the successful launch of the Cherokee County Republican Coalition, Inc. and the large amount of positive feedback received from local Republicans looking for a place to discuss policy while at the same time working with local and state leaders to advance conservative ideas.  We are not a political party, and no elected official is involved in or directing our decisions.

            Since the formation of the Cherokee County chapter, there have been other Republicans in other parts of the state that have expressed an interest in starting a local chapter.  On Thursday June 15, 2023, The Republican Coalition became aware the name “Cobb County Republican Coalition” had been reserved with the Georgia Secretary of State.  The records of the Secretary of State’s office show that the Chairwoman of the Cobb County Republican Party, Salleigh Grubbs, filed and reserved the name.  Ms. Grubbs has no affiliation with our organization, and she was not authorized to use the “Republican Coalition” name.  This name reservation causes The Republican Coalition grave concern in that other entities may purport to be affiliates of The Republican Coalition when they are not authorized to do so.

            As a result of these developments, The Republican Coalition secured the naming rights for affiliated organizations in the counties with the largest number of registered voters and certain other counties in Georgia.  As new chapters come online, The Republican Coalition will announce them publicly.