Welcome, and thank you for your interest in joining the Cherokee County Republican Coalition (CCRC).

The membership of CCRC consists of Conservative Republicans who have a deep desire to save this country for the next generation…. for our kids, grandkids, and maybe even great-grands.  Conservative Republicans should acknowledge and agree that as a country, we are on the verge of losing our nation and the freedoms we hold most dear. We all must organize, activate, and motivate other like-minded Americans to never back down to demoralization and tyranny.

By definition, the CCRC is a conservative organization that formed earlier this year, in 2023, independent of other existing Republican organizations. The purpose is to freely mobilize as concerned, informed, and active Republicans without being restrained by operational restrictions of the county, district, and state GOP.  The CCRC seeks to serve as the foundational Republican organization in Cherokee County by working closely with the public, public officials, candidates, and potential candidates, functioning within three pillars of belief: Integrity, Trust, and Conservatism.

As a member, you will have opportunities to meet and get to know other concerned Republicans and government representatives, participate in events that will promote and celebrate conservative values, and be a part of implementing strategies to give a stronger voice to the American values we must defend and preserve.

Click here for the Membership Application

Applying for Membership:

  1. Submit the completed CCRC application to the CCRC Vetting/ Membership committee via mail (1025 Rose Creek Drive, Ste 620-302 Woodstock, GA. 30189) or email to Communications@CherokeeRepublicans.org.
  2. Sponsorship is required from one existing CCRC member in good standing. If you do not know a current member, please reach out to Communications@CherokeeRepublicans.org.
  3. In addition, submit 2 separate letters/emails of recommendation from other current CCRC referring members in good standing. They should support your character as measured by the 10-point pledge below.
  4. The vetting process may include, but is not limited to an interview, review of past voting records, statements that uphold a lifestyle in alignment with Conservative Republican platform and values, a reputation of respectful dialog with others, etc.
  5. There is no application fee. You will not be asked to pay membership dues until accepted as a member.  2023 Dues are $30.00. Note: Payment of annual dues will need to be uninterrupted to maintain membership. Lapse of membership will require a new application process.

The Vetting/ Membership Committee will make a recommendation to the Executive Board of Directors, seeking approval, denial, or a request for more information.  

As a CCRC Member, I pledge to:

  1. Follow CCRC’s Three Pillars of Belief – Integrity, Trust, and Conservatism (as described by the By-Laws)
  2. Be fair, open-minded, respectful, and kind in all my interactions, (personal and public) even difficult ones.
  3. Strive toward synergistic collaboration; listen to others, share ideas, and work in good faith.
  4. Consider the welfare of relationships that lead to strong collaborations.
  5. Refuse to participate in gossip.
  6. Seek to understand others before demanding others understand me.
  7. Treat others the same way I would like to be treated.
  8. Promote civil dialogue to bridge cultural differences.
  9. Stand against incivility when I see it.
  10. Live up to my role as a proud U.S. citizen and member of the Cherokee County Republican Coalition with integrity.