By now, local residents may have heard of the new Cherokee County Republican Coalition
(CCRC) that was formed earlier this year, independent of existing Republican organizations.

The purpose is to freely mobilize as concerned, informed, and active conservative
Republicans without being restrained by operational restrictions of the county, district, and
state GOP. The CCRC seeks to serve as the foundational Republican organization in
Cherokee County by working closely with the public, public officials, candidates, and
potential candidates, functioning within three pillars of belief: Integrity, Trust, and

There are several misconceptions being circulated through social media and other
republican memberships that I’d like to clear up.

FALSE: The CCRC was formed by Governor Kemp – Formation of the CCRC was not
the idea of the Governor nor his office; nor have they been involved. Perhaps the
timing of the formation of the CCRC soon after Governor Kemp aired frustration
with the republican party attributed to the false conclusion. There is no connection.

FALSE: The CCRC is being run by the Past Chair of the 11 th District, Lisa Adkins – Ms.
Adkins was not involved in the creation of the CCRC nor has she provided any
leadership to it. These claims were meant to damage her re-election bid for the 11 th
District Chair position.

FALSE: The CCRC is a competing Republican Party in Cherokee County – The CCRC is
not a political party; hence, the word “coalition,” and is not recognized by the state
Republican Party nor by the Republican National Convention. This organization
exists alongside several others that pursue Republican causes. 

FALSE: The CCRC was created to dismantle the GOP – The CCRC firmly believes there
are many swim lanes available to achieve Republican victories. There are multiple
organizations in the county that seek to advance America-First principles, including
some focused on specific issues. It is not uncommon to find engaged conservatives
active in more than one Republican organization. Existence of the CCRC should not
cause fear or concern in the county’s Republican Party, the electorate, or elected

We announced our formation in a small gathering on April 13 th and were encouraged by
how well received the concept was.

It is my hope that fellow Republicans who are inadvertently spreading falsehoods and
those who have been ill-informed will take another look at the CCRC and realize that we
are on the same side. Though methods and means may differ, organizations seeking to
advance Republican and conservative beliefs and platforms can coexist to achieve a
common end goal. Free-thinking Republicans can debate issues and should welcome
diversity of thoughts and ideas, not fight.

May God Truly Bless America.
Rajpal Sagoo
Chair, Cherokee County Republican Coalition