Cherokee County Republican Coalition, Inc. is proud to support GA HB925, also known as the Protecting Religious Assembly in States of Emergency (PRAISE) Act. The PRAISE Act presents a strong commitment to safeguarding religious freedoms, a principle highly aligned in the preservation of our values, and promotion of freedom. This bill amends existing laws to prohibit any governmental entity from discriminating against and closing places of worship during emergencies, ensuring that religious assembly rights are not infringed upon even in times of crisis. The bill also includes provisions for civil relief and damages, highlighting the seriousness of any violations against these protected rights.

The PRAISE Act underscores the importance of religious institutions and their autonomy, emphasizing that they serve as essential pillars of community support, especially during challenging times. By preventing government entities from closing places of worship during emergencies, the bill upholds the constitutional right to free exercise of religion, a cornerstone of conservative values that advocate for limited government intervention in religious practices.

The introduction and favorable reporting by the House Committee on GA HB925 suggests a positive trajectory for the bill within the state legislature, potentially setting a precedent for similar legislation in other states. This move aligns with broader conservative efforts to ensure that religious freedoms are explicitly protected, even during unprecedented times, such as states of emergency, where the risk of overreach by governmental authorities could threaten these fundamental rights.

For more detailed information on GA HB925 and its provisions, you can refer to the official legislative documents and summaries.